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Medical Weight Loss Process in Four Phases

Our medical weight-loss specialists provide treatment plans and support to help you maintain a healthy weight for life. Register for a free online informational session by clicking below, or read more about our four phases of success.

Phase 1 - Assessment

You'll begin with a thorough medical and lifestyle assessment, allowing our physician, who specializes in bariatric medicine, to help you customize an individualized treatment plan.

Phase 2 - Active Weight Loss

During this phase, which typically lasts 12 weeks, you will meet weekly in a lifestyle changes group that will help you with your nutrition, activity habits and behaviors. Medical monitoring begins, which includes physician and nursing assessments as well as blood work. You consume your daily nutrition from OPTIFAST® formula.

Phase 3 - Transition

During this phase, which typically lasts for six weeks, you will slowly be reintroduced to food. During individual appointments, a registered dietitian will help you develop a personalized meal plan. Group lifestyle education classes will continue to reinforce your new eating and activity behaviors. Medical monitoring continues during this phase.

Phase 4 - MEDAL (Maintenance, Exercise, Diet and Lifestyle)

This ongoing phase involves your active participation in your health, while experiencing a supportive, comprehensive team. A variety of interventions such as weigh-ins, support groups and individual consults with physicians and dietitians are available. By attending Mission's MEDAL program, you can achieve ongoing weight loss and avoid regain, thereby retaining your improved health and self-confidence. Participation is required for the first six months and renewable indefinitely.