No Matter Where Life Takes Us

You Are Our Mission


The Diabetes Center at Mission Health is here to help our clients live well with diabetes.

Patient-Centered with a Team Approach

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with diabetes, The Diabetes Center at Mission Health is here to help. Our goal is simple - to help our patients manage their diabetes well.

Our team of endocrinologists, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, registered nurses, and dietitians provide education and support while empowering our clients to create their own unique diabetes treatment plan.

The Diabetes Center offers our patients a collaborative approach coordinating care both in and out of the hospital. The Diabetes Center does require a physician referral. If you have an interest in being referred, we can guide you regarding how to talk with your doctor about making the referral happen. Long after being diagnosed with diabetes, The Diabetes Center will be here to share in the common goal along with your provider to give you outstanding care. Call today: 828-213-4700.

Click here to view and complete a Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Test provided by the American Diabetes Association.