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Walk-In Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Clinic

Now, athletes, including recreational athletes, can receive faster care for sports medicine injuries at the new Mission Orthopedics/Asheville Orthopaedic Associates Walk-In Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic. The Walk-In Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and no appointment is required.

For many recreational athletes who have experienced the aches and pains associated with chronic rotator cuff or tendon issues, knee tendonitis, osteoarthritis or tennis elbow, primary care sports medicine physicians, also known as nonsurgical orthopedic physicians, maintain the specialized training in caring for injuries to the bones and joints that don’t require surgery.

Primary care sports medicine physicians help maximize function and minimize time away from activities, school, sports and work. Plus, they can help guide treatment and work with physical and occupational therapists to get individuals back to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

In addition to the musculoskeletal care patients receive, Aaron Vaughan, MD, and Brent Fisher, MD, primary care sports medicine specialists with Mission Orthopedics and Asheville Orthopaedic Associates, also manage mild traumatic brain injury in athletes. “During the fall months especially, for individuals who experience an accidental fall at home or a head injury at work or play, which includes a direct blow to the head or indirect blow to the body that causes the brain to shift in the skull, it’s important to remember the signs of concussion: blurred vision, dizziness, headaches and nausea, to difficulty concentrating and remembering,” said Dr. Vaughan. “It’s important to seek medical care immediately if these signs and symptoms are present.”

Dr. Vaughan and Dr. Fisher welcome sports medicine patients on a walk-in basis at the Mission Orthopedics/Asheville Orthopaedic Associates office located in the Mission Health Biltmore Park medical office building at 310 Long Shoals Road, Suite 200, in Arden, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To schedule an appointment, call 828-782-9330.

Offering a number of nonsurgical orthopedic and brain injury services:

  • Injury evaluation and management for the athlete, including recreational athletes
  • Biologic therapies, a more comprehensive treatment that helps to regrow damaged tissue
  • Sports-related concussion management and return to play