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Hip and Knee Replacement

Chronic hip and knee pain can make walking, getting up and down, and even lying down difficult, limiting mobility and making it difficult to perform routine activities. A regional leader in orthopedic surgery and arthritis management with offices throughout Asheville and western North Carolina, the Mission Health Joint Replacement Program combines compassion, skill and innovation, focusing on reducing joint pain and restoring quality of life. Our orthopedic surgeons use the latest in conservative care and minimally invasive surgery, and work as a team alongside primary care physicians, physical therapists and midlevel providers to personalize care and restore your mobility. Our expertise results in the lowest risk of readmissions in the western North Carolina region, and some of the lowest in the state.

Latest Procedures

On the forefront of the latest technologies and treatments, Mission Health offers state-of-the-art procedures to help patients get better, faster. We use nonoperative care first, opting for surgery only if needed. Our physicians offer a wide variety of nonsurgical and conservative services, including home exercise programs, physical therapy, weight-loss consultation, medications, joint injections and supplementations.

If conservative options are exhausted, Mission Health’s team of orthopedic surgeons offer the most advanced surgical options to restore function, mobility and quality of life.

Same-Day Total Joint Replacement

Mission Health’s expertise in minimally invasive surgery combined with patient education, pain control and rehabilitation allows some patients to return home within hours of their surgery. Patients may benefit by recovering in the comfort of their own home, sleeping in their own bed and eating their own food.

Talk to your doctor to determine if you are a candidate for same-day total joint replacement

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement

A leader in total hip replacement, our program performs more than any other hospital in the western North Carolina region. Our board-certified orthopedic surgeons are extensively experienced, and deliver the highest standard of care to ensure patients experience the best possible outcomes. Mission Health’s orthopedic surgeons offer hip replacement services in the Asheville, Brevard, Clyde, Franklin and Hendersonville communities.

We offer minimally invasive hip replacement procedures, including:

Anterior Hip Replacement – The direct anterior approach for total hip replacement is a procedure where the surgeon replaces the damaged bone and tissue of the hip socket through a small incision in the front of the hip instead of the side or back. Unlike traditional total hip replacement, this procedure does not involve detaching muscles from the hip bone. As fewer muscles are disrupted, patients may benefit from a faster recovery time and reduced risk of dislocations.

Advanced Knee Replacement

The experienced team of orthopedic surgeons at Mission Health perform hundreds of knee operations annually. We offer advanced surgical options and personalized care to reduce knee pain and restore mobility. Our expertise ensures patients benefit from enhanced recovery times, a lower readmission rate, and a reduced risk of complications. Mission Health’s orthopedic surgeons offer knee replacement services in the Asheville, Brevard, Clyde, Franklin, Hendersonville and Spruce Pine communities.

Mission Health offers the latest procedures, including:

Total Knee Replacement – Knee replacement is a procedure for degenerative arthritis or chronic pain of the knee in which the surgeon removes the damaged bone and tissue of the knee and replaces it with a prosthetic. This typically results in reduced pain, improved mobility and may allow patients to return to daily activities.

Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement – Computer-assisted knee replacement is a procedure in which the surgeon uses a computer to set the alignment of the knee implant. The improved alignment and patient-specific placement of the implant may benefit patients with a more natural-feeling knee and range of motion.

Partial Knee Replacement  Partial knee replacement is a minimally invasive procedure to replace the damaged bone and cartilage of either the inside or outside of the knee while sparing the healthy tissue. It is typically performed if you have arthritis on only one side of the knee or under the kneecap.

Robotically Assisted Partial Knee Replacement – Robotically-assisted knee replacement is a minimally invasive resurfacing procedure in which the surgeon is assisted by a robotic arm. The surgeon loads a CT of the knee into a computer and programs the robotic arm based on the patient’s unique anatomy, allowing them to accurately remove the damaged bone and place the implant with more precision than traditional total knee replacement. The preservation of the healthy tissue and accurate, patient-specific implant positioning allows for a more natural feeling knee and enhanced, early recovery.

Your doctor will carefully discuss your treatment options with you, and will choose the one that is best for you.


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