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Survivor Services

If you have experienced trauma, you may have special fears and needs during your labor. We have a program that can help. Survivor Services at Mission Hospital gives you the opportunity to meet with a labor and delivery nurse during your pregnancy to discuss your special needs, fears, or past birth experiences. We can help you create a birth plan that addresses your specific needs and concerns to help you prepare for the birth of your child.

Our goal is to help you feel safe and comfortable working with your doctors and nurses to have a birth that leaves you feeling in control and involved in the decisions about your care.

Our 1-3 hour meeting at Mission Hospital’s Labor and Delivery Unit will begin with a tour of our labor rooms, where your baby will be born. We will talk about what happens during a typical labor, an induction of labor, and a vaginal and cesarean birth. We will then work together to create a birth plan that addresses your specific concerns.

We cannot erase all of your fears, but we can find a way to work through them together to make your birth experience at Mission Hospital a positive one.

For more information about Survivor Services at Mission Hospital or to make an appointment with a resource nurse, call 828-213-8473.


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