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No one should have to face end-of-life decisions alone.

CarePartners Hospice offers physical, emotional and spiritual support to patients with terminal illnesses. We are dedicated to treating our patients and their loved ones with respect and compassion, and to providing the highest level of comfort and quality of life possible.

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“Hospice is about quality of life. When asked about their experience, the one thing we hear over and over from families is that they only wish they had chosen hospice sooner. CarePartners Hospice is here to help families make the most of their remaining time together.”

     -Mike Parmer, DO - Hospice Medical Director.

Cindy Krimmelbein and Jeanne Jeffrey talk about their experience with Hospice Care.

Did You Know...

Hospice care is not just for the terminally ill; in fact, hospice services can help patients and families manage care of a loved one with chronic, yet declining, health problems who remains at home. Seeking out hospice care is neither “giving up” nor something that hastens death. On the contrary, the goal of hospice support is to increase patient comfort as much as possible.