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When it matters most, you are not alone - the Mission Breast Program.

We understand that an abnormal mammogram or breast biopsy can create great fear and uncertainty. It is common for women to have a multitude of difficult questions and concerns that require the immediate need for qualified, helpful, communication combined with expert care - before all the details are worked out. We, at the Mission Breast Program, are here to help patients and help referring Doctors manage the uncertainty, the complexity and alleviate her fear.

Our Team of Breast Experts has a deep and broad knowledge base combined with years of experience in treating breast problems and breast cancer. Just as important: we specialize in continuity, coordination, personalized discussions and a passionate culture of quality breast care.

Full Service Breast Cancer Program

Mission Health provides a patient-centered approach to breast cancer detection, prevention, patient and staff education, research and treatment making it one of the leading centers for breast health care in the region. What makes our Breast Health Program unique, however, is not the number of patients seen, but the exceptional care they receive every day. Each member of the technical staff is registered in breast imaging, and our board-certified radiologists in breast imaging are all highly specialized to provide the best care possible. Mission Health encourages women to be active participants in their own health care. Having your breast imaging services at one of our locations ensures state-of-the-art quality breast imaging and diagnostic services including mammography and breast ultrasound. Select locations are now offering 3D mammography, breast MRI and interventional breast procedures as well. View our convenient locations or call 828-213-9729 to make an appointment. 

Breast Program Nurse Navigator

The Mission Breast Program’s dedicated nurse navigator provides personalized support and advocacy, offering education, coordination of care, resources and emotional support through each phase of care, from diagnosis, to treatment to survivorship. Learn more about our Nurse Navigation Services

Mission Breast Program High Risk Clinic

The Mission Breast Program High Risk Clinic is a comprehensive program dedicated to identifying women at a high risk for breast and ovarian cancer, initiating timely screenings to identify cancer as early as possible and developing personalized strategies to reduce the risk of cancer. Learn more about our High Risk Clinic

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