Community Health & Investment

Our Commitment to Our Community: Community Investment

Mission Health has a long history of investing in our community and partnering with programs and organizations that share our focus to improve the health of the people we serve. When we work together toward a common goal, we achieve better health for everyone.

Meeting Our Community’s Health Needs

Every three years, communities come together to study the health and wellness of residents and prioritize areas for improvement. In western North Carolina, hospitals and health departments participate in a unique, collaborative and coordinated process for this work, led by WNC Healthy Impact. Learn more about the Community Health Needs Assessment.

Annual Reports: Community Investment & Partnerships

We help improve the health and wellness of our communities in a variety of ways. Our annual Community Investment reports tell the stories of our neighbors who experience the impact of our community partnerships each year.

Community Investment Grant & Sponsorship Programs

Collaboration with other community-based organizations and public health is key in our work to support a healthier community. Together, we are mutually committed to addressing western North Carolina’s most urgent health issues. Learn more about our Community Sponsorship Programs and Community Grant Programs.

Charity Care

Mission Health was built upon a commitment to care for every person who needs it, regardless of insurance or ability to pay. Seventy percent of Mission Health’s hospitalized patients are uninsured or covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid does not fully cover the cost of care. The result is a significant financial gap that Mission Health covers each year. This falls into a category that is known as charity care. Mission Health has a disproportionately higher percentage of charity care than hospitals whose populations are younger or have higher numbers of commercially insured residents. Learn how we care for our community and provide Financial Assistance.