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Pediatric Imaging

Pediatric Radiology* – Fluoroscopy

Fluoroscopy is a way to obtain real-time moving images using a special X-ray camera called a fluoroscope. We perform several different types of fluoroscopic tests and are extremely cautious regarding the radiation exposure your child receives during these tests. We also invite you to be present in the room during the exam for the comfort of your child. You will be informed of any exam preparations when your child’s appointment is made. Most fluoroscopy procedures take only 10-15 minutes to complete. However, a few exams can last as long as 45 minutes.

Pediatric Radiology* – Ultrasound

Mission Children’s Hospital utilizes state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment and registered sonographers to deliver remarkable image quality based on your child’s needs. At the time of the exam, our board certified pediatric radiologists will review the exam and determine if any additional imaging is needed.

Mission Children’s Hospital offers a caring pediatric imaging team that are devoted to age-specific imaging at our region’s only dedicated pediatric ultrasound department.

Pediatric Radiology* – X-ray

Mission Children’s Hospital houses low-dose radiation X-ray equipment at our diagnostic radiology suite inside the region's only dedicated pediatric imaging center. We have a team of specially trained pediatric technologists and the region's only board-certified pediatric radiologists who work diligently to ensure your child receives the highest quality study with minimal amounts of radiation. In addition, Mission Children’s Hospital Child Life specialists and our kid-friendly waiting/exam rooms are here to guide your child through the exam by reducing stress and anxiety.

Pediatric Radiology* – MRI

Mission Children's Hospital offers western North Carolina's only dedicated pediatric MRI service. Our department provides quality, age-specific imaging in a child and family-friendly environment. We offer MRI compatible video goggles, child life education and preparation, and sedation services.

Our services are available with a referral from your physician.

If you have any questions about our services, please call 828-213-1203.

*Pediatric Radiology Services provided by Mission Hospital.

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