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Todd Isreal

I Lost 290 Pounds - I Hope I'm Not Done Yet

"This is not the easy way out, it’s not taking a shortcut, it’s not something to be ashamed about. I found I put myself in a box and put limits on my life and my lifestyle without knowing it.

Happy is not the word. I feel like I got my life back, I feel like my future with my wife and my children is just limitless.

I feel bad for people who are like I was, allowing themselves to be boxed in on their own and not realizing there’s help out there."

Bobby Somerville

I Lost 90 Pounds - Putting the “We” in “Weight Loss”

"If you’re going to do this, and you’re thinking you’re going to be alone in it, that’s not going to happen. You’ll find what you need. We are all offered the same opportunities by the great people at Mission Weight Management.

I’ve lost all of my excess weight, I don’t have high blood pressure or diabetes anymore, and I’m not on any medications. I has done everything for me, medically, they said it would, and I’m healthier than I’ve ever been.

It has made a difference in almost every aspect of my life."

Kendra Hamm

I Lost 125 Pounds - I Did It My Way

"I started doing yoga, meditation and therapy to make a holistic experience of it. These practices help me keep my focus on being healthy and kind to myself. So my focus now is less on food and more on how to do good things that aren’t detrimental. It’s a more balanced approach.

They are a fantastic team. When you choose bariatric surgery, not everyone you tell will be supportive, but I felt very confident in telling people I have a whole team of people looking out for me, including counselors and nutritionists who are very helpful in encouraging my holistic approach."

Bev Barney

I Lost 130 Pounds - Stick to the Plan

"Put your full energy and your full mental happiness into it, and you should be successful.

My nutritionist has been so supportive of my switch to the plant-based diet, teaching me portion control and which foods I needed to have more of in my diet.

We all go through the same challenges, and you’ll learn so from others’ experiences."

Andie Slivinski

I Lost 125 Pounds

"Mission weight management has exceeded my expectations, shifting my focus from food for enjoyment to food as a source of nourishment. The program has given me the tools and support to be successful in living a healthy lifestyle, resulting in a healthier body and proud of the reflection in the mirror."

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