Being Little is

a Big Deal

Child Life

As the only Child Life program in western North Carolina, our team serves the region’s diverse population of children from all developmental levels and medical diagnoses. Our goal is to ease the stress and anxiety of medical experiences by providing activities that support you and your child’s ability to cope with the hospital experience through play, developmentally appropriate education for procedures and/or diagnoses, and expressive activities. Our Child Life specialists work closely with caregivers and the medical team to address your child's concerns and stressors in order to provide a more comfortable hospital experience.

The Child Life program provides the following services to our patients and their families:

  • Ease a child’s fear and anxiety with therapeutic and recreational play activities
  • Foster an environment that incorporates emotional support
  • Encourage understanding and cooperation by providing non-medical preparation and support for children undergoing tests, surgeries and other medical procedures
  • Advocate for family-centered care
  • Engage and energize children and families by coordinating special events, entertainment and activities
  • Consider the needs of siblings or other children who may also be affected by a child’s illness or trauma
  • Direct pre-admission hospital tours and resources, and consultations with outpatient families
  • Support families confronting grief and bereavement issues
  • Provide information and resources for parents and members of the interdisciplinary team

Child Life Donation Wish List

Child Life is happy to accept new items by donation. If you would like to donate any of the following items to the Child Life team or have questions about making a donation, please call 828-213-7337.

  • Play dough
  • Model magic
  • Bubbles
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Paint brushes
  • Stickers
  • Band Aids (kid friendly)
  • Ipad chargers
  • Mini USB chargers
  • Small stuffed animals
  • Playing cards
  • Board games
  • DVDs
  • Children’s clothing e.g. t-shirts, jackets, pants, socks, pajamas and underwear
  • Children's books in Spanish
  • Single craft kits

Child Life Resources and Information

Please click on the links below for further information.

*For internship information, please contact: Amy Anne, Internship Coordinator at, 828-213-6041.