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Directions to Hyperbaric Medicine Unit (HBO)

  1. Park near the MAIN ENTRANCE, on the north end of the St. Joseph’s campus top parking deck.
  2. Parking is reserved to the LEFT of the entrance.
    1. If these spots are taken, park in any spot near the entrance.
  3. Wheelchairs are located just inside the entrance to the right.
    1. If there are none available, please ask GUEST SERVICES, to your left, for assistance.
    2. Cross the lobby and enter the W ELEVATOR.
    3. If the elevator will not open, ask for assistance at GUEST SERVICES.
  4. Go to the SECOND FLOOR.
  5. On the second floor, exit the elevator to the RIGHT.
  6. Take the next RIGHT to go toward the back of the hospital.
  7. Turn RIGHT onto the back hallway of the hospital.
  8. Proceed down the hallway to the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, Room U272, which will be on your RIGHT.

Hyperbaric Medicine Unit phone number is 828-213-4851
Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Center phone number is 828-213-4600