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Medical Flex

The Medical Flex Program is a team-based, nonsurgical weight-management program that focuses on lifestyle and behavior modification. Our team of specialists is here to support you in your journey toward improving weight-related health problems, while also achieving medically significant weight loss. This program is an ideal option for patients wanting help with weight management, but are not able to commit to weekly appointments and large numbers of in-person classes. Our online and self-directed education provides more scheduling flexibility, while also requiring an increase in patient responsibility.

The Medical Flex Program provides:

  • Specialized care provided by our multidisciplinary team, which includes our medical providers, dietitians, behavioral health providers and exercise specialists
  • Access to our private Weight Management gym
  • Fewer face-to-face appointments for a minimum commitment of 6 months
  • Unique web-based education program focusing on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modification

To participate, patients must have a BMI (body mass index) greater than 25 in combination with weight-related health problems, or a BMI of greater than 30

For patients who prefer more accountability and structure, our Medical Intensive Program is recommended.

Please contact Mission Weight Management at 828-213-4100 to sign up for a FREE medical information session, or sign up at