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Flu Shot FAQs with Our Doctors

David P. Franklin, MD
President, Mission Medical Associates
Mission Health

Amy Russell, MD
Chief of Community Medicine
Mission Health

How does one get a flu shot?

Dr. Russell: Flu vaccines are offered in many of our Mission ambulatory locations throughout western North Carolina.

How does Mission Health inform our community of safety precautions?

Dr. Russell: Generally speaking, your primary care provider will remind you to get your annual flu vaccine along with other recommended vaccines such as a pneumococcal vaccine.

What flu symptoms should alert someone they should seek immediate medical attention?

Dr. Franklin: Fever, headache, cough, extreme dehydration, lightheadedness and shortness of breath are all symptoms that could be early signs of the flu. Treatment with antivirals is the most helpful within the first 48 hours of symptoms presenting, so contact your primary care provider if you start to experience any of these symptoms or notice them in a family member.

How is Mission Health helping the entire population of western North Carolina “Be Well. Get Well. Stay Well.”?

Dr. Franklin: Our goal is to ensure that people who are healthy stay that way, and that people with health risks are engaged and educated in a way that decreases those risks. More importantly, it’s about making sure we put the patient and population of western North Carolina first and that any patient in our care receives the very best care possible.
Dr. Russell: Plus, it’s important to establish a relationship with a primary care physician or provider, to help set clear health goals and identify risks even before they become noticeable. An early relationship with a primary care physician allows a patient to focus on prevention and health. Additionally, a primary care physician serves as a liaison between a patient and any needed subspecialists in their care; the primary care physician is the foundation for coordinating continued care, explaining tests and interventions, providing guidance and sound medical advice when things seem confusing.

For more information on how to get a flu shot whom should our readers contact?

To find a Mission Health primary care provider who’s best for you, call 828-213-3222 to request an appointment with a primary care provider.