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Just like any chronic disease, diabetes can seem overwhelming. Our outpatient team of experts will help you understand how diabetes affects you and the actions you can take to live well.


Managing a patient’s blood glucose in the hospital setting can be a challenge because factors such as infections, surgical procedures and medications can significantly alter blood glucose levels. Mission’s inpatient diabetes team aims to stabilize blood glucose levels while in the hospital and provide diabetes education and guidance for diabetes self-management when the patient is discharged. The inpatient diabetes team consists of two distinct consultative services.

Advanced Practitioners: Nurse practitioners and physician assistants provide blood glucose medical management by adjusting insulin and other diabetes medications for patients while they are in the acute setting. They also provide guidance and direction for medical management as patients are discharged from the hospital. The Advance Practitioners provide a crucial link maintaining consistent glucose control and oversight throughout heart surgery, chemotherapy, dialysis, or any other situation our patient’s may experience.

Nurse Clinicians: RN Certified Diabetes Educators teach our patients who are newly diagnosed with diabetes or have other teaching needs such as insulin injections or meal planning. The clinicians provide diabetes education for any patient whether Type 1, Type 2, adult, pediatric or gestational. The clinicians provide maintenance, quality, and safety oversight for insulin plans, protocols and also provide education to nursing staff at Mission hospital and all member hospitals.

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