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Fracture Prevention Service

The Fracture Prevention and Bone Health Clinic at Mission Health is a comprehensive program that specializes in diagnosing, monitoring and providing preventive care to patients who are at high risk of suffering low-energy fragility fractures.

What Are Fragility Fractures?

Fragility fractures occur in patients suffering from osteoporosis, a bone disease that results in decreased bone strength and increased risk of fractures. The bone structure may become thin if either too much tissue has been lost or not enough bone tissue has been made, causing the bones to become weak and fracture easily from forces that would not break a bone under normal circumstances. Though fragility fractures can occur anywhere, they most commonly occur in the wrist, hip and spine, resulting in pain, disability and a reduced quality of life.


Fragility fractures represent a clinical problem both locally and worldwide. We work alongside primary care, emergency providers and orthopedic specialists to identify patients suffering from fragility fractures, while initiating timely treatments in order to prevent future breaks. We provide a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, and we personalize care for each patient based on their unique needs using a combination of:

  • Medications
  • Patient education
  • Fall prevention therapy
  • Home care
  • Supplementation
  • Activity modification

Schedule an Appointment

The Fracture Prevention Service is open Monday-Friday, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. To schedule an appointment, speak with a nurse or learn more about how you can improve your bone health, call 828-213-1994.

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How Can We Help You?

  • Respond to your first fracture to help healing and prevent a second injury
  • Work with your primary care doctor to treat your osteoporosis
  • Work with your surgeon to improve bone quality prior to elective surgery such as spine fusion or total joint replacement

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