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One in 22 people in the US has a genetic condition; that's a sobering fact. You probably know someone with a genetic disorder, and you know that many times these people need special care. Our staff includes international experts on specific genetic conditions. We research, diagnose, treat and provide counseling and education for genetic conditions in children, adults and their families. Mission Fullerton Genetics Center is the region's only comprehensive genetics services program, and we have more than two decades of genetics experience.

Mission Fuellerton Genetics Clinic

Our services include:

  • Behavioral Health Services for Individuals with a Genetic Condition: Patients and families often receive information and medical diagnoses at the Fullerton Genetics Center which can impact many aspects of their life/lives. The Fullerton Genetics Center has a licensed clinical social worker on staff available to provide brief therapy for patients who need help while they adjust to living with their health condition.
  • Clinical Genetic Evaluation and Counseling Services for patients with a known or suspected genetic disorder, birth defect, intellectual disability, dysmorphic features, or an increased risk for similar problems in pregnancy or by birth.
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Clinic: An interdisciplinary diagnostic clinic for children who have confirmed or suspected alcohol exposure in utero.
  • Genetic Counseling for Hereditary Cancer: A Genetic Counselor will meet with you to carefully review your personal and family cancer history, the basics of hereditary cancer and discuss your personal risks. If genetic testing is appropriate, the genetic counselor will discuss the benefits, risks and limitations of testing to help you decide whether this testing is right for you.

Personalized Medicine Clinic: A multidisciplinary team specializing in the genetics of drug response to help clinicians and patients better manage medications for non-cancer conditions and help predict future pharmacotherapy. For more information about the personalized medicine program, please visit:

Physician referrals to our program are required. Physicians can refer patients to our office, and we will call the patient to schedule an appointment. For any questions related to our services, please call 828-213-0022. Physicians may fax a referral to 828-213-0039.

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Mission Fullerton Genetics Lab

The Mission Fullerton Genetics Lab provides a variety of genetic and genomic testing for the people of western North Carolina and beyond. Our lab is recognized nationally and internationally for expertise in chromosomal microarray analysis, next generation DNA sequencing and single gene mutation analysis as well as classical chromosome analysis. As new technologies change how diagnosis and treatments are delivered, the FGL is positioned to be a leader in the new era of genomics and targeted therapies. Our lab is the only hospital-based genetics lab in western North Carolina.

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For more information or questions related to the lab, please contact Monica Basehore, Mission Fullerton Genetics Lab Director at 828-213-8149 or

Genetics Outreach & Education Programs

Fetal Alcohol Prevention Program

The North Carolina Fetal Alcohol Prevention Program (FASDinNC) strives to prevent alcohol-exposed pregnancies by providing training, education, and resources to women of childbearing age. Please contact us to learn more about how to prevent an alcohol-exposed pregnancy, or for any resources related to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs).

For more information, visit or contact Amy Hendricks, Coordinator for the North Carolina Fetal Alcohol Prevention Program at 828-213-0035 or

MotherToBaby NC

MotherToBaby NC is a free statewide service providing information about medications and other exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Using the most up-to-date research, MotherToBaby NC answers questions about prescription and over-the-counter medications, personal care products, herbal products, alcohol, drugs, chemical exposures and more. You can reach MotherToBaby NC by calling toll-free 800-532-6302 (formerly called the NC Pregnancy Exposure Riskline) or by visiting This resource is used by the general public as well as health care providers. Available in English and Spanish.

For more information, contact Lorrie Harris-Sagaribay, MPH, Coordinator for MotherToBaby NC Teratogen Information Program at 828-213-6827 or

Preconception Health

The North Carolina Preconception Health Campaign is a statewide initiative aimed at improving birth outcomes by reaching out to women with important health messages before they become pregnant. The Campaign offers trainings and workshops for both consumers and providers to educate consumers, improve overall wellness and reduce health disparities for North Carolina residents.

For more information, visit or contact Jennifer Vickery, Western Regional Coordinator, at 828-213-0031 or

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