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Mission Fullerton Genetics Center

Our goal at the Mission Fullerton Genetics Center is to provide quality services, information and support to you, your family, your physicians and other healthcare professionals involved in your care or the care of your family member. The center offers evaluation, testing, diagnosis, and counseling for individuals and families who may be affected by a genetic disorder. Our staff is committed to staying abreast of the genetic literature in order to provide you with the most up-to-date information available. We believe that we are in a unique position as a regional genetics center to offer the personalized care that patients and their families want and need.

Mission Personalized Medicine Program

At Mission Health, personalized medicine focuses on trying to predict how you will respond to drugs. Personalized Medicine offers a scientific, individually guided approach to improve the health of individuals and our population. It has the potential to replace the trial-and-error approach to drug treatment to manage cancer and other chronic diseases. Building on the advances in genomic medicine, personalized medicine testing provides patients and their healthcare providers with information that could help minimize toxic side effects from drug treatments and maximize drug effectiveness.

Mission Health is one of the few community health systems in the U.S. to develop a Personalized Medicine Program. Currently these programs are mainly found at major medical centers and institutions.

The Mission Personalized Medicine program supports every service line across the hospital system (cardiology, cancer, neurology, psychiatry, pain management, etc.) and throughout the physician practices in our region.

There are two types of testing, depending on if you are a cancer patient or a non-cancer patient.

  • For non-cancer patients, testing analyzes your genetic makeup (your inherited DNA) for variations to predict if you may have a bad response to a drug or if a drug may actually work for you.
  • For cancer patients, testing is performed on your tumor tissue, evaluating the tumor’s genetic makeup to predict whether it will respond to certain cancer drugs (click here to learn more)

Mission Fullerton Genetics Center

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