Mission Patient Portal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mission Patient Portal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you would like to connect one of the currently available health management apps, please send your first and last name, telephone number and email as well as the name of the app you would like to connect to patientconnect@msj.org.

What is a Patient Portal?

Mission’s Patient Portal offers secure, online access to certain information in your medical record including,  upcoming appointments, prescriptions, laboratory results, radiology results, cardiology results, pulmonary results, conditions, immunizations, procedures and discharge instructions.

Are there any fees associated with using the Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal is a free service offered to Mission Health patients.

I don't remember my user ID and/or password, who do I call?

You may call the Service Desk at 877-621-8014.

I do not have my original email to access the portal, but I do remember my user ID/password – what is the Portal address/URL?

After initially accessing the Patient Portal and setting up a user ID/password, you may go directly to the portal by typing in the URL of missionhealth.org/patient-portal/

I was a Mission Health patient in the past; can I see my medical record for previous visits through the portal?

No, your historical medical records are not available through the portal. Your records are available through the portal for visits made after March 27, 2014. If you need a copy of previous records, you can obtain copies from the hospital. For more information, you may call Health Information Management at 828-213-0636.

How soon after my visit will I be able to view my medical information through the portal?

Information will be available for viewing through the Portal within 36 hours of discharge. Some information may have an additional delay.

What does it mean to give “proxy” to another individual?

When you give another person proxy to your medical records in the Portal, this person can see the same records that you see in the Portal. The proxy has the same viewing rights as you do.

How do I give someone proxy rights to access my record through the Portal?

In order to assign proxy to someone, you must personally sign the Proxy Request Form and return to Patientconnect@msj.org. Upon receipt of the signed form, a Portal invitation will be sent to the individual you have requested to be your designated proxy.

How do I terminate my assigned proxy from seeing my record?

In order to terminate proxy’s rights to access your account, you must personally sign the Proxy Change/Termination Form and return to Patientconnect@msj.org. Upon receipt of the signed form, a request will be submitted to revoke access to your record. This may take up to one business day. The proxy will not receive notification of the termination.

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