Statement of Non-Discriminatory Care

Statement of Non-Discriminatory Care

Mission Health was founded upon and operates on the values of respect, integrity and trust for all whom we serve.

We are guided by our core MERIT values and our mission to improve the health of all people in the communities we serve, and are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for team members, patients and visitors of all races, religions and nationalities. As part of this duty, we do not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation or identity.

Learn more about Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity at Mission Health.

Our unwavering commitment is to the continued service and support of our team members, patients and greater community, believing that healthcare is a basic human right for all persons living in or visiting the United States, regardless of their country of origin, immigrant or documentation status without fear of discrimination, penalties or harm.

Like all hospitals and health systems, Mission Health is required to comply with North Carolina state regulations that require all private persons to report incidents of child abuse and neglect, and the abuse, neglect or exploitation of the disabled or elderly by any caretaker. In addition, physicians and hospitals are required to report certain kinds of wounds, injuries or illnesses.

Our Role and Commitment as a Healthcare Organization

Mission Health is committed to taking care of patients regardless of their ability to pay, essentially caring for every person who needs it. The Ladies of the Flower Mission and the Sisters of Mercy who established our founding hospitals, Memorial Mission Hospital and St. Joseph's Hospital, believed passionately in this concept and had a vision to care for everyone. Learn more about Our Commitment to You.