Our Board

Our Board

Mission Health’s Board is our system’s governing body. It is comprised of a group of volunteer members who live and work in western North Carolina. These individuals are your neighbors. They know and understand our patient population, opportunities and challenges. As a volunteer Board member, they are dedicated to guiding our vision and supporting our work and the resources needed to fulfill and advance our mission, to improve the lives and health of the people of western North Carolina.

Our Board of Directors

  • John R. Ball, MD - Chair
  • John W. Garrett, MD - Vice Chair
  • Suzanne S. DeFerie -Treasurer
  • LaVoy Spooner, Jr. - Secretary
  • Wyatt S. Stevens - Immediate Past Chair
  • Janice W. Brumit - Mission Medical Associates, Inc.
  • Thomas A. Maher - Mission Health Foundation
  • Ronald A. Paulus, MD - President and CEO
  • Daniel A. Casse
  • Bridget A. Eckerd
  • W. Leon Elliston, MD
  • Chris Flanders, MD
  • William S. Hickman
  • Lynn F. Kieffer
  • Tom A. Oreck
  • Anne Ponder
  • Kenneth G. Racht
  • Jed E. Rankin
  • Robby L. Russell

Mission Health’s Board governs our not-for-profit organization by setting goals consistent with the healthcare landscape and our mission and values, and overseeing resources to ensure they are used to further our charitable purpose. The group of individuals reflect the diverse interests of our community and promote affordable, quality healthcare that will make western North Carolina healthier today, tomorrow and in years to come.

Our Board bears the ultimate authority and accountability for Mission Health’s performance and sustainability. The board sets policy and goals for the leadership team and evaluates performance, adopts and monitors quality measures, and also ensures our financial strength and stability so we can support our workforce, equipment and facilities necessary to care for our growing community and region.

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