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MountainCare's Rathbun House Room Referrals

As of February 2020, there is a new process for referrals to the Rathbun House.

Hospital-based social workers, case managers, discharge planners, nurse navigators and other hospital staff can call the Rathbun house with the potential guests’ contact information for Rathbun staff to contact.

The Rathbun House Phone number is 828-251-0595

Please help support the Rathbun house’s mission by reviewing the exclusion criteria below before making a referral. The Rathbun house does not have the ability to support the needs of guests that are in the below circumstances. If situations are present, please do not refer:

  • A person who has had risky behavior with known security concerns.
  • A person who has exhibited signs of inappropriate and/or impaired behavior with known security concerns in the hospital.
  • A person who shows active impairment
  • A parent who can visit in PEDS/PICU or NICU, but only with supervised visits
  • A parent who does not have custody of the pediatric patient
  • A person with fragile, medical concerns
  • A person with recent suicide history
  • A person who is not eligible to be assigned to a NICU Sleep Room
  • A person exposed to infectious or contagious diseases in the past 3 weeks.

For more information on the Rathbun House, please go to the MountainCare website.

Rathbun House is the only hospitality house in the area and is a service of MountainCare, Inc.

Rathbun House