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Being Little is

a Big Deal

Safe Kids WNC

Safe Kids WNC, led by Mission Children’s Hospital, is committed to reducing accidental injury among children in western North Carolina. Our goals are to address the most prevalent childhood injuries in our region through evidence-based target programs, to increase public awareness of ways to prevent childhood injuries and collaborate with community agencies in their efforts to keep our children safe. Safe Kids WNC focuses on the major areas where most injuries occur: traffic injury (passenger, pedestrian and bicycle), poisoning, choking/suffocation, drowning, falls, fire and burns. Safe Kids WNC has been a local coalition of Safe Kids Worldwide since 1994, and our coalition partners include fire departments, EMS, law enforcement, educators, medical professionals and business leaders.

Safe Kids WNC, through Mission Children’s Hospital and our local coalition members, is able to reach families who have a need for education about keeping their children safe in a variety of settings. Whether it is to assist caregivers with the installation of their child’s car seat, or teaching children to be safe at home, around water or on their bikes, the opportunity to prevent childhood injury is widespread.

To learn more about our services, please call 828-213-5548.