Patient Safety Institute

Patient Safety Institute

About the Patient Safety Institute

Mission Health’s Patient Safety Institute brings healthcare professionals together to cultivate a culture of safety.

Goal: To provide training and support for implementing best practices creatively in the fields of patient safety, patient and family disclosure communication and caregiver support.

The Patient Safety Institute is committed to supporting the development of system process that standardizes practice and enhances unit culture and quality of care. The institute holds conferences to bring together healthcare professionals from various disciplines and areas of care to provide resources to understand ‘just culture’ and the essential components of patient safety.

The Patient Safety Institute exists to:

  • Instill evidence-based best practices into the workplace
  • Help you provide the best care for every patient, every time
  • Bring joy to your practice
  • Provide education opportunities, safety networking and career enhancement via Patient Safety Conferences (credits/CMEs available)

Some activities provided:

  • Patient Safety Conference
  • Care for Caregiver program
  • Root Cause Analysis training
  • Human factors and mistake proofing
  • Disclosure training

Patient Safety Conference 2018

Archived Conference Materials

The Annual Patient safety Conference addresses healthcare “hot topics” and provides front line/bedside caregivers with practical tools to improve safety and quality of care and to foster renewed joy in their work.

Need more information about the Patient Safety Institute? Call Dana Raines at 828-213-4822 or

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