We are here to assure your safety and well-being while in our facilities. To learn more about our safety measures or if you have questions about COVID-19, call 833-582-1974.

Coronavirus Information For Parents

In these uncertain times, we recognize that you may have concerns about seeking medical care for yourself or your loved ones, especially children.
We want to reassure you, as always, that the health and safety of our patients, caregivers and communities is our top priority. Family-centered care is at the core of how we care for our littlest patients and their families, and we are well-equipped to handle your healthcare needs, big and small.

Whether you are in need of an emergency room visit to fix a broken bone, or require a treatment or procedure that keeps your child overnight, we are here to alleviate any fear or worry you might be feeling. And, when appropriate, we will deliver information in a way that ensures your child understands what’s happening as well.

Furthermore, robust procedures are in place to ensure that you and your child are safe when you are in our care. These enhanced precautions make sure that both our staff and patients are protected, and that our clinical care facilities are some of the safest possible places to receive healthcare at this time.

Here are just a few of the steps we’re taking:

  • Screening for all patients, visitors and staff before entering facilities.
  • Universal masking required throughout our facilities, which exceeds guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Heightened infection prevention policies, including the removal of high-touch items such as magazines, toys and vending machines. Food and drinks are prohibited in clinical units to prevent the spread of illness.
  • Updated visitor policies, including limitations, which have been in place for the duration of the pandemic, remain in place across our facilities. At this time, our policy is to allow a named parent or caregiver to be present with your child, provided that they meet the hospital’s health screening requirements. It’s important that you stay in close contact with your provider, or contact the facility where you’re seeking care, as these policies may be updated as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

Please also continue to follow the current guidance from the CDC regarding social distancing and hand hygiene. Exercising these infection prevention measures will help keep you and your loved ones safe.

We will continue to go above and beyond to provide exceptional care and make your child’s experience as comfortable as possible.

Thank you for trusting us with the health of your family. We are here to ensure you receive the care you need today, for a healthier tomorrow.

Ansley Miller, MD, FAAP, Children’s Service Line Leader


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